Alibaba Cloud: Sorry you are not eligible for this campaign

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Alibaba Cloud: Sorry you are not eligible for this campaign

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Tampaknya saya salah satu yang tidak beruntung dengan Alibaba Cloud, niatnya nyicipin free trial setahun cloud servernya. Sudah bikin akun dan nambahin metode pembayaran: paypal dan kartu kredit jenius.

Langsung buat instance free trialnya malah muncul pesan error "Sorry you are not eligible for this campaign, if you have any questions, please submit a support ticket"

Ya langsung kontak csnya, dibalas dalam 5 menit sih.
Dear Alibaba Cloud Customer,

Greetings from Alibaba Cloud International Customer Support Center!

My name is River and I am very glad to assist on your question.

Our system has detected a security concern with your account. To ensure maximum security for your account and payments, we need to verify your account and payment method information.

Please provide the following information by email to [email protected] in order to reopen your account.

If you have a credit card as payment method, please provide the following information directly. If you bound PayPal as payment method,Please provide the information of the credit card bound to your PayPal account.

Please Do not directly submit documents in this ticket. Please send all your documents to [email protected] using your [Account login email] and provide your account ID (which you can check by logging on to the console). There will be a dedicated team to verify your documents.

Please provide clear copies of:

1. Both sides of [Any] of the following three certificates in the photo/scanned copy

(1) International passport (2) International ID card (3) International driver's license

2. Front side of the bound bank card in the photo/scanned copy (in consideration of user privacy, you can cover the digits in the middle and expose only the first six and last four digits in the bank account number); PayTM users don't need to provide the bound card.

3. Transaction details of the bound bank card for the latest month; PayTM users can provide the transaction details of the bound PayTM account for the latest month

Document requirements:

1. The information on your ID card must be consistent with that on your default payment bank card.

2. Your ID card must contain your photo with the front view.

3. The bank transaction details list must be clear and valid.

As the issue will be handled through email communication, we will currently set this ticket as ‘to be confirmed’. We will check your documents in 3 working days.

If you have any further issues on Alibaba Cloud, feel free to contact anytime you would like to. We are sincerely waiting here for you. Thank you very much for choosing Alibaba Cloud and being a valuable part to us.

Wish you all the best and a great day!

Alibaba Cloud International Support
langsung males ngelanjutinnya karena ini perlu verifikasi identitas yang bener2 invasif menurut saya. kaya mau ajukan kartu kredit saja.

intinya butuh foto dari dokumen berikut:
1. KTP/Paspor/SIM. Salah satu saja, tapi depan dan belakang kartunya difoto.
2. Foto kartu kreditnya.
3. Dan foto riwayat transaksi bank yang dipakai.

aku mundur alon2.
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